Its been fun guys...

Using the platform has been a lot of fun, and the distraction-free approach is something I love. However right now, I feel there are some key features which just aren't quite there yet. Features that are pretty native and built-in on other platforms. Whilst working with other users to come up with work-arounds or learning new tricks with CSS, Java and HTML has been quite rewarding, it hasnt always been the simplest answer for what I'm looking for right now.

A few key things for me..

After much consideration, I have decided to move my blog to It might not suit everyone, but the new blocks-based writing editor they have is super clean, and has so many tools out of the gate.

I will continue to watch the development of, as I think with more time and additional features the platform can be truly a great experience (and for many others I know it already is). I wish the team all the best.

If anyone has enjoyed the nonsense I write about, you can now catch me over at